Founder Fun!



Hi Family!

I'm Kamiji Ebun-Cole, Founder of SOWSOA ARTS

and here's a WARM WELCOME to my WONDER-FILLED world!

Take a sneak peak at what I love getting up to whilst running my company in collaboration with my incredible team...

From acting, to teaching, networking to travelling...or to simply finding out how I've grown my confidence using our sustainable wellbeing tools; you are welcome to journey with me through it all.

And why not tell me a little bit about you too, your interests and hopes, or plans and on the smiley face to connect :)







My heart is to empower you to know that you are enough and to believe that, without any add-on's, you are whole...

That's why I've committed my career to developing a company that does exactly that...for young and old, individuals and organisations; we're here for you.

So have fun discovering our well-being talks, workshops and bespoke programs that I have grown organically from the tiny indestructible seed that was planted in my heart years ago.


My own personal growth and development over the years can be attributed to the honouring of the simple principles demonstrated through my refreshingly relatable services.


I am blessed to be able to have worked alongside some incredible individuals to create what is now the SOWSOA ARTS family, which is ever growing in number and in our passion to serve you excellently.

Each of our services were made with your unique identity, purpose and direction in mind. So...stop looking and start booking!

Love, Kamiji

Founder of SOWSOA ARTS