Dancing Authentically.

By SOWSOA ARTS in collaboration with Hulya Levent DancePhotography by Toni Adepegba

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Did you know that YOU ARE ENOUGH?

Did you know the answer to your achievement related challenge, be it personal, business/career orientated or educational, is actually tucked away inside of you right now as you read these words? Unbelievable! Or is it? Why is it so hard for you to believe that ‘YOU are enough’? Well, that’s what we’ve dedicated our time to help you understand and overcome through our Authentically service.

Welcome to a cultural movement that is impacting industries, educational institutions and individuals globally, to know that they are enough to achieve excellence through authenticity.

What is Dancing Authentically?

Dancing Authentically, delivers unique, bespoke workshops with a well-being focus and an aim to nurture excellence through embracing artistic authenticity.

We are passionate about helping each individual artist. We strongly believe your outward circumstances can be greatly affected by your internal well-being, our hardest challenge as artists often being rooted in what we think of ourselves. But how would things look if you truly knew your Identity, Purpose and Direction? These are the three pillars of our company and that’s what we are here to help you do.

Dancing Authentically’s unique approach aims to have a significantly positive effect on the professional dance industry. By nurturing, equipping and propelling our dancers, teachers, and leaders, we hope to implement a culture of self-worth, confidence and authenticity, believing that excellence and well-being are fundamental keys to a healthy, sustainable, successful career.


Where is Dancing Authentically?

Dancing Authentically is a London based company however we run workshops across the UK, Europe and now worldwide with Acting Authentically running a month’s long programme in South Korea this summer!