Acting Authentically Youth Collective.

By SOWSOA ARTS | Photography & Videography by Malique Ogilvee, Leo Miranda and Toni Adepegba.


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Acting Authentically Adult Collective

at The Actors Centre, Covent Garden

Acting Authentically Adult Actors Collective launched in 2017 and has been journeying along organically ever since. Together, our authentic blend of beautifully eclectic actors and non-actors, have intentionally developed a culture of supporting one another through wholeheartedly hearing and honouring one another's life stories. Through being intentional have made the supportive creative conduit of autobiographical acting, a truly game changing experience. We remain now, as we did originally, a collective that chooses to champion one another on in remembering who we are in the midst of tough stuff and triumphs; authentic, powerful and loved.  Through we acting authentically we have become family.












Throughout this overwhelmingly rewarding and authentically grassroots beginning, our adults have shared feedback that they love our workshops, but wish they had this opportunity to share their feelings freely much earlier on in their lives! Not sharing led to low self-worth and a lack of confidence, and for many, this started during their teenage years...




So here it goes; we've listed to your feedback and this year we're launching Acting Authentically Youth Collective for 11 - 9 year old's in Sittingbourne Kent this January! So why not start this 2019 with a bang by booking your place on our well-being centred acting academy, Acting Authentically Youth Collective. Make an early bird upfront payment for the year and receive your first four classes completely free!

"Acting Authentically ...

removes shame and judgement from conversations about who we are in the midst of tough stuff and we think that would have been a helpful thing to experience as a teen!"

Kamiji Ebun-Cole, Founder of SOWSOA ARTS


Acting Authentically Adult Collective at The Actors Centre, Covent Garden

So, if you want to learn to explore and express your true feelings fearlessly, to communicate your thoughts and opinions creatively and to daily embrace and enjoy your uniquely authentic identity....just like Tyson, Gemma,  Charlie, Sam, Grace and the rest of our confident Acting Authentically family this


join us...


This new year We're extending our family of excellently authentic actors

to teens just like you!   


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